Install LAMP on Ubuntu Desktop

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Step by step instructions for Installing LAMP on Ubuntu Desktop

LAMP stands for Linux (Ubuntu operating system), Apache ( Web server ), MySQL ( Database ), Php or Perl or Python ( Programming Language).  By default LAMP consists Php.
I have used Ubuntu 12.04 ( Precise Pangolin ) Desktop.LAMP installation in linux distro is pretty straight forward.


1. Sudo privileges to install
2. Internet connection

Step 1 –  Open a terminal

Step 2 –  Installation

Enter below command

$ sudo apt-get install lamp-server^  

( Note that caret(^) is required. Caret denotes it is part of tasksel packages)
It will prompt for MySQL administration password. Please remember the password. We need it to log into mysql.
After a few LAMP installation completed.
Following softwares installaed

1. Apache 2.2.22
2. Php 5.3.10
3. MySQL 5.5.22

Step 3 – Find and verify the versions installed

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