How to apply Jobs in Amcat

Hiiii friends, I know its been a pretty long gap since I have posted anything useful. Was caught up with a lots of other stuff.

But I have been getting many questions about how Amcat works for getting jobs, how to apply for jobs and all. This is the question I have been getting min 4 a day. So I thought it would be better if I could create a post for this so that people will be finding it helpful.

Ok so once you finish Amcat what I would suggest is relax for a weeks time because you need to prepare a lot for your interviews and lots of searching will be required.

Than follow the below steps.

1. Make sure you have your Amcat login and password with you.

You will get this while you write your Amcat exam. With the help of this you will be able to login into the Amcat site ( . Please dont loose this.

2. Open the Amcat site and go through it properly

3. Go to your profile page and update all your details correctly without missing any. Make sure to enter School, College, Job (if working), Marks etc.


4. A complete profile is the one which gets more attention. So make sure you go through step 3# again.

5. Now click on the Jobs tab (see image below) and you can get all the Jobs. Now sort the jobs based on Location, Qualification etc and make sure you click on Apply Job without fail. You need to keep on applying jobs regularly.


6. Make sure you apply only relevant jobs, please dont keep on applying all jobs which are not related to your profile. This will leave a bad impression on the recruiter.

7. Also If your scores are good you will start getting mails from Amcat for jobs just after 2-3 months of exam. And the mails will be coming continuously, I do get around 4 mails per week. But only 1-2 will be relevant.


8. Make sure you go through the mails and apply ASAP.

NOTE:  Getting an email doesnt mean you got the job. It means your profile has been shortlisted for initial stages. You need to apply and fill other required details provided in the link. Once you do this , the company shortlists relevant people for further interview rounds. And the interview rounds may be 1 or 2 or any number depends on the company. Please be prepared.

Hope this Helps all and clears your doubts.


About Manoj Kulkarni

Hello friends my name is Manoj. I am working as a Senior Software engineer in Hyderabad.
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