Never Ever Give Up on Yourself. Brightness emerges only from Pitch Darkness.

Friends there are so many instances in our life where we literally feel the heat, pressure and the emptiness within. One such instance is also faced by a fresher who has completed his Graduation/Post-Graduation and still waiting for his first job , first Salary. I have seen many people facing this and many more are still facing this kind of instance. I was also one of them, so I know what people go through. I have seen people literally accepting
defeat on few failures in job interviews, some even accept defeat without even attending job interviews. Well to all those people out there who are facing such kind of failure please dont give up. I know so many people are so desperate for jobs due to some financial problems or other problems. They just want to experience the feeling of getting a job, sharing this good news with their loved ones and also dream about doing lots of stuff with their first salary and so on.

See my point is if you can go an extra edge to dream so much about your future. Than why the hell give up with just one Single failure. Look when you dream something than have the courage to fullfill your dreams. Because if you yourself cant back yourself than no one on the Earth will be there to back and support you. You must have self belief, confidence. There are so many instances where you might have failed but you must not forget that “Failure is the stepping Stone for Success”. Some of the most successful people today have faced immence failure and criticism during the begginig of their career and they faced all the odds to reach where they are today. So Never Ever Giveup on anything.


Some Tips for people who haven’t found a Job yet :

1. No matter how many times you fail, no matter what just Keep going on and trying. Never Give Up.

2. Learn from each and every failure and evry mistake you make.

3. Never repeat the same mistake .Thats cool if you do some new mistake ,but never repeat a mistake.

4. Take yourself seriously if others are not taking you.

5. Improve and Excel your Communication Skills.

6. Improve your personality and interact with as many people as you can.

7. Always be strong with your Basics, because everything/everyone comes down to basics.

8. Have a perfect plan and always follow your plan. Never follow others plan.

9. Have the courage to accept your mistake and also apologize for your mistake.

10. Never fake a thing during your interview. Because Honest guys/girls are always preferred.

11. Just Be Yourself.

12. The last and the Best one. “If you fail today there is always tomorow, Because Day comes after Night”.


About Manoj Kulkarni

Hello friends my name is Manoj. I am working as a Senior Software engineer in Hyderabad.
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One Response to Never Ever Give Up on Yourself. Brightness emerges only from Pitch Darkness.

  1. Pavan says:

    Well said. We must never give up on anything.

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