Best Aptitude, Reasoning Books for Competitive exams especially AMCAT and Placements

Hi friends,

Many students/friends have been asking me about the books that needs to be referred for AMCAT and other competitive exams.

Below are some of the recommended books for all the competitive exams also mainly for AMCAT.

Quantitative Aptitude

Verbal and Non Verbal

Logical Reasoning

The above mentioned Books are possibly the Best books which cover most of the concepts asked for interviews, Amcat etc

You will find lots of problems and exercises in the books make sure you solve them all.

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Skype Training Starting from January 2nd 2014

Hi friends,

I have already been teaching many Young Professionals lots of Technical Subjects online through Skype (Skype Tutoring). I have successfully completed training 4 young Professionals.

If anyone is interested out there to get themselves trained on the following topics Please reach me out at

Subjects :-

1.  HTML (Basics and HTML5)

2. CSS (Basics and CSS3)

3. Javascript and JQuery (+ Ajax)

4. Complete PHP(including Frameworks)

5. Complete MySql (PlSql included)

While dropping mails to me please mention the Subjects you want to opt for and also what time you will be available . And dont forget to mention the the SUBJECT as Skype Training.

My Profile:-

Working as a Senior Software Developer. With Experience over 30 months in the field of Software Development . Handled over 7 projects (3 of them being International).

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Never Ever Give Up on Yourself. Brightness emerges only from Pitch Darkness.

Friends there are so many instances in our life where we literally feel the heat, pressure and the emptiness within. One such instance is also faced by a fresher who has completed his Graduation/Post-Graduation and still waiting for his first job , first Salary. I have seen many people facing this and many more are still facing this kind of instance. I was also one of them, so I know what people go through. I have seen people literally accepting
defeat on few failures in job interviews, some even accept defeat without even attending job interviews. Well to all those people out there who are facing such kind of failure please dont give up. I know so many people are so desperate for jobs due to some financial problems or other problems. They just want to experience the feeling of getting a job, sharing this good news with their loved ones and also dream about doing lots of stuff with their first salary and so on.

See my point is if you can go an extra edge to dream so much about your future. Than why the hell give up with just one Single failure. Look when you dream something than have the courage to fullfill your dreams. Because if you yourself cant back yourself than no one on the Earth will be there to back and support you. You must have self belief, confidence. There are so many instances where you might have failed but you must not forget that “Failure is the stepping Stone for Success”. Some of the most successful people today have faced immence failure and criticism during the begginig of their career and they faced all the odds to reach where they are today. So Never Ever Giveup on anything.


Some Tips for people who haven’t found a Job yet :

1. No matter how many times you fail, no matter what just Keep going on and trying. Never Give Up.

2. Learn from each and every failure and evry mistake you make.

3. Never repeat the same mistake .Thats cool if you do some new mistake ,but never repeat a mistake.

4. Take yourself seriously if others are not taking you.

5. Improve and Excel your Communication Skills.

6. Improve your personality and interact with as many people as you can.

7. Always be strong with your Basics, because everything/everyone comes down to basics.

8. Have a perfect plan and always follow your plan. Never follow others plan.

9. Have the courage to accept your mistake and also apologize for your mistake.

10. Never fake a thing during your interview. Because Honest guys/girls are always preferred.

11. Just Be Yourself.

12. The last and the Best one. “If you fail today there is always tomorow, Because Day comes after Night”.

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Thoughts on Working Abroad.

Hello Again friends,

I have heard from a lot of professionals saying that there were looking for the opportunities working abroad. Most of them were young and budding professionals just like you all. Who doesnt want to work abroad , you get a very handsome salary, High lifestyle etc. Hence I have thought to take a survey on this particular topic. And see what exactly people want from abroad jobs and are they really interested working abroad. ?

Friends Please do go through the below Survey and Answer the questions genuinely. It is regarding working Abroad and I am working on this topic now. This survey is for Fresher job seekers and also experienced once.

Please take sometime to finish the survey with your valuable information




Thanks a Lot for taking out your valuable time to complete the survey.

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Some Useful Sites to Learn for budding Coders

Hello Everybody. How have you all been. I know its a very long time since I have Posted some usefull Stuff in my Blog. Today I am going to Post names of few Websites that are verey very Good knowledge source for Developers/Programmers . If you are a budding programmer or a fresher who wants to learn and dive into the world of programming than just take a deep breath and visit the following Websites and explore them , learn and implement.

1. W3 Schools :-

2. Tizag :-

3. QuackIt :-

4. Tutorials Point :-

5. :-

For Video Tutorials

1. Codehen :-

Even Youtube is a better tutor :p

I know there are many Websites , but I just mentioned my Favourite one’s :p.

If you people think I missed any of the good sites, please comment the site url in the comment section so that our viewers wont miss them…


happy Coding :)

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Completed Engineering/Degree . So what next ???

I think everyone has faced this situation and still many are facing this situation. Well honestly speaking even i have faced this situation too often. Before going to my point of view .Let me just tell you that there are 2 kinds of people (With respect to my above title).



Hahaha Now i think you all might be wondering wat the hell is the above 2 types. But some might have already got my point i guess.Well dont worry folks let me explain it to you.

1.What is Overprepared:-

Overprepared  people are the one’s who just keep on putting options into their carrier.In simple terms the person would have planned for almost all the possible future career options in his final year itself.For example he might be thinking of getting placed in a good MNC, Next he might have applied for CAT for MBA, He might be also aiming for MTech, Further more he might be preparing for GRE. And to add icing to the cake he might be into Civil service exams as well. Yes i have seen so many overprepared people in my life. The biggest disadvantage / problem of this is that. You end up thinking too much.  And you wont be having any fixed plan/goal with you. You just will be dependent on all the options. Its just like “Jack of all and Master of none”.

2.What is underprepared:-

The Best example i can take here is of my own example. Yes people who are underprepared suffer a lot. Under prepared means the person who just dont have a backup plan. He will be so confident or probably over confident about himself such that he forgets the  fact that “if he fails to get what he had intended for “??Let me give you my example to explain it well.Though i was a meritorious student in my college i couldnt get placed in any company. Now actually my plan was to get placed in a good MNC during my final year. I was so confident or probably “Over-confident ” of getting placed into the companies that i forgot to have a back-up plan. I never thought i would be left wit no plans. I never planned for MTech, MBA , GRE. And i faced a lot of problem After my engg. Actually many faced due to the same attitude.


Now coming back to what is to be done after Engg. or Degree. Friends just have a back-up plan. I mean If your main plan fails , you can go with back-up plan. Now i mean back-up plan here not plans. So have just a single or at the max 2 back-up plans, so that you can concentrate on those plans and achieve it or excel in it.

Some great Career opportunities after Engineering or Degree.(Which probably i missed out):-


1.MTech :-

Yes this is the most common plan or back-up plan by an engineering student.But the greatest advantage of doing MTech is achieved if and only if you do well in your GATE and get into top IIT’s, NIT’s or some good colleges. Because if you do your PG in top colleges you will have a great future and value. So doing MTech for namesake is equal to not doing MTech. So prepare well for GATE and crack it.


Well many people go into MBA stream just because they hate their core(engg students ) MBA offers and boasts of a great future, and even greater salary. But MBA in some premier institutes will give u an edge over others . The best way to get into top colleges is by giving CAT, SNAP, MAT, XAT etc. But to crack them you require a lot of planning , hard work etc.



Yes this is one of the most chosen destinations or careers by the Engineers nowadays.The most preferred destination is USA. If you are able to crack GRE and have a good financial background than this is the perfect Recepie for you. You need to get into top Colleges in USA and once you complete MS than money will be flowing your way. You need convincingly very good English and you need to be good with the words to crack the exam.

4.Bank exams:-

Yes many people do apply for Bank exams, most probably for the post of P.O(Probabtionary Officer). Now you might be wondering why do they apply for Bank exams. The reason is sorry reason are because many advantages are there. Firstly you will be paid very well, i mean salary wise and you have great allowances as well, and probably many will love the work.

5.Civil services:-

This is one of the fast growing sector nowadays. Not only engineers  but all graduates are working hard for these civil services, few of the posts that people are aiming are for IAS, IPS etc. The future is excellent and perfect if u get into these. But the biggest problem is to crack these exams , they as tough as hell. People waste or rather invest their precious 2-3 yrs justfor preparing and cracking the exam. But once you do it you will be the Boss. I mean the amount of respect what you get is great, Salary is even greater and the allowances, the benefits are infinite. So people love to take their chances in Civil services.


If you wont get any of these above than the final option left wit the person is job. But mostly  people go to job or join companies just because of having left with no choice , not wantingly. The Best option for the people who just are not into their work or not liking it. They can take some 1-2 yrs exp and go for Higher education or try for some other competitive exams. And the one happy with their jobs and people who got their dream jobs they need to think too much just carry on with your work and go with the flow…..


HOPE                THIS            HELPS

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All time Top 10 Software companies of India

1.Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Founded in 1968, TCS is one of India’s largest corporate houses. It is also India’s largest IT employer with a staff strength of 111,000 employees.

2.Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Infosys Technologies Ltd was started in 1981 by seven people with $250. Today, the company boasts of revenues of over $ 4 billion and 94,379 employees.

3.Wipro Technologies Ltd.

What started off as a hydrogenated cooking fat company, Wipro is today is a $5 billion revenue generating IT, BPO and R&D services organisation with presence in over 50 countries.


IBM India Private Limited is the Indian subsidiary of IBM. It has facilities in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida,Chandigarh, Indore, Bhubaneshwar, Coimbatore,Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad.


HCL is a leading global technology player with annual revenues of $4.9 billion. The HCL Enterprise comprises two companies listed in India, HCL Technologies and HCL Infosystems. Founded in 1976, HCL is one of ‘India’s original IT garage start ups’.


Tech Mahindra was incorporated as a joint venture between Mahindra & Mahindra and BT plc in 1986 under the name of ‘Mahindra-British Telecom’.

7.PATNI computers/ IGATE PATNI.

Patni Computer Systems Ltd one of the leading global providers of information technology services and business solutions. The company has clients across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific locations.

8.I-flex solutions.

iflex started as a division of Citicorp (now Citigroup), wholly owned subsidiary called Citicorp Overseas Software Ltd. (COSL) in 1991. Later, a separate company Citicorp Information Technologies Industries Ltd. (CITIL) was formed and Rajesh Hukku was appointed as its head.


MphasiS Limited was formed in June 2000 after the merger of the US-based IT consulting company MphasiS Corporation (founded in 1998) and the Indian IT services company BFL Software Limited (founded in 1993).

10. L&T Infotech.

L&T Infotech is a global IT services and solutions provider. It is a subsidiary company of is Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T), an engineering, manufacturing and construction conglomerate, with global operations

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