Get the perfect Advise for your career

Hi Friends,

Sorry for being so lazy and being away from the Blog. I will make sure to make up for this lost time.

Here comes the good part.

I have recently started an initiative to help everyone who are seeking help in their career. So I will be dropping in my contact details and if you people have any questions or doubts regarding your work, career and job switching I will be able to guide you.

What is so Special about this, when you can simply google to get the information ?

The reason is I have seen lots of generalised and mis-leading information online which doesnt seem to cater the needs of people. And you have so many forums out there but no one care’s to respond to you in time and take out personal time to help you out.

There are websites like LinkedIn , Quora which hardly works, I tried them a lot and every time I message some one regarding some queries I would 90% of the time wont get reply.

Hence the current initiative gives the scope for the users to actually call, message and discuss personally with the concerned person.

And on top of that this is totally FREEE!!!!!

And yes if you feel satisfied and happy you can obviously donate, support us to increase this initiative for a bigger volume.

Who all will be guiding us and helping us out ?

We will be roping in some of the Industry experts (common people) with specific domain expertise who have huge amount of experience and exposure to help you out.

What you have to do ?

Just reach us out to:

So what are you waiting for, just go ahead and send out your concerns, we will further contact you via Phone, Skype or WhatsApp for more assistance.

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Install LAMP on Ubuntu Desktop

Oracle PL/SQL Technology blog

Step by step instructions for Installing LAMP on Ubuntu Desktop

LAMP stands for Linux (Ubuntu operating system), Apache ( Web server ), MySQL ( Database ), Php or Perl or Python ( Programming Language).  By default LAMP consists Php.
I have used Ubuntu 12.04 ( Precise Pangolin ) Desktop.LAMP installation in linux distro is pretty straight forward.


1. Sudo privileges to install
2. Internet connection

Step 1 –  Open a terminal

Step 2 –  Installation

Enter below command

$ sudo apt-get install lamp-server^  

( Note that caret(^) is required. Caret denotes it is part of tasksel packages)
It will prompt for MySQL administration password. Please remember the password. We need it to log into mysql.
After a few LAMP installation completed.
Following softwares installaed

1. Apache 2.2.22
2. Php 5.3.10
3. MySQL 5.5.22

Step 3 – Find and verify the versions installed

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5 ways to delete duplicate records Oracle

Oracle PL/SQL Technology blog

In Oracle there are many ways to delete duplicate records. Note that below example are described to just explain the different possibilities.

Consider the EMP table with below rows

create table emp(
EMPNNO  integer,
EMPNAME varchar2(20),
SALARY  number);

10    Bill    2000
11    Bill    2000
12    Mark    3000
12    Mark    3000
12    Mark    3000
13    Tom    4000
14    Tom    5000
15    Susan    5000

1. Using rowid

SQL > delete from emp
where rowid not in
(select max(rowid) from emp group by empno);

This technique can be applied to almost scenarios. Group by operation should be on the columns which identify the duplicates.

2. Using self-join

SQL > delete from emp e1
where rowid not in
(select max(rowid) from emp e2
where e1.empno = e2.empno );

3. Using row_number()

SQL > delete from emp where rowid in
select rid from
select rowid rid,
row_number() over(partition by empno order by empno) rn

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Books to be purchased for any competitive exams

Hi fellas,

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding what books to be referred for AMCAT exam and other competitive exams.

Below are the list of books you need to refer

These above books will be more than enough for cracking most of the Quantitative exams

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How to apply Jobs in Amcat

Hiiii friends, I know its been a pretty long gap since I have posted anything useful. Was caught up with a lots of other stuff.

But I have been getting many questions about how Amcat works for getting jobs, how to apply for jobs and all. This is the question I have been getting min 4 a day. So I thought it would be better if I could create a post for this so that people will be finding it helpful.

Ok so once you finish Amcat what I would suggest is relax for a weeks time because you need to prepare a lot for your interviews and lots of searching will be required.

Than follow the below steps.

1. Make sure you have your Amcat login and password with you.

You will get this while you write your Amcat exam. With the help of this you will be able to login into the Amcat site ( . Please dont loose this.

2. Open the Amcat site and go through it properly

3. Go to your profile page and update all your details correctly without missing any. Make sure to enter School, College, Job (if working), Marks etc.


4. A complete profile is the one which gets more attention. So make sure you go through step 3# again.

5. Now click on the Jobs tab (see image below) and you can get all the Jobs. Now sort the jobs based on Location, Qualification etc and make sure you click on Apply Job without fail. You need to keep on applying jobs regularly.


6. Make sure you apply only relevant jobs, please dont keep on applying all jobs which are not related to your profile. This will leave a bad impression on the recruiter.

7. Also If your scores are good you will start getting mails from Amcat for jobs just after 2-3 months of exam. And the mails will be coming continuously, I do get around 4 mails per week. But only 1-2 will be relevant.


8. Make sure you go through the mails and apply ASAP.

NOTE:  Getting an email doesnt mean you got the job. It means your profile has been shortlisted for initial stages. You need to apply and fill other required details provided in the link. Once you do this , the company shortlists relevant people for further interview rounds. And the interview rounds may be 1 or 2 or any number depends on the company. Please be prepared.

Hope this Helps all and clears your doubts.

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Best Aptitude, Reasoning Books for Competitive exams especially AMCAT and Placements

Hi friends,

Many students/friends have been asking me about the books that needs to be referred for AMCAT and other competitive exams.

Below are some of the recommended books for all the competitive exams also mainly for AMCAT.

Quantitative Aptitude

Verbal and Non Verbal

Logical Reasoning

The above mentioned Books are possibly the Best books which cover most of the concepts asked for interviews, Amcat etc

You will find lots of problems and exercises in the books make sure you solve them all.

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Skype Training Starting from January 2nd 2014

Hi friends,

I have already been teaching many Young Professionals lots of Technical Subjects online through Skype (Skype Tutoring). I have successfully completed training 4 young Professionals.

If anyone is interested out there to get themselves trained on the following topics Please reach me out at

Subjects :-

1.  HTML (Basics and HTML5)

2. CSS (Basics and CSS3)

3. Javascript and JQuery (+ Ajax)

4. Complete PHP(including Frameworks)

5. Complete MySql (PlSql included)

While dropping mails to me please mention the Subjects you want to opt for and also what time you will be available . And dont forget to mention the the SUBJECT as Skype Training.

My Profile:-

Working as a Senior Software Developer. With Experience over 30 months in the field of Software Development . Handled over 7 projects (3 of them being International).

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Never Ever Give Up on Yourself. Brightness emerges only from Pitch Darkness.

Friends there are so many instances in our life where we literally feel the heat, pressure and the emptiness within. One such instance is also faced by a fresher who has completed his Graduation/Post-Graduation and still waiting for his first job , first Salary. I have seen many people facing this and many more are still facing this kind of instance. I was also one of them, so I know what people go through. I have seen people literally accepting
defeat on few failures in job interviews, some even accept defeat without even attending job interviews. Well to all those people out there who are facing such kind of failure please dont give up. I know so many people are so desperate for jobs due to some financial problems or other problems. They just want to experience the feeling of getting a job, sharing this good news with their loved ones and also dream about doing lots of stuff with their first salary and so on.

See my point is if you can go an extra edge to dream so much about your future. Than why the hell give up with just one Single failure. Look when you dream something than have the courage to fullfill your dreams. Because if you yourself cant back yourself than no one on the Earth will be there to back and support you. You must have self belief, confidence. There are so many instances where you might have failed but you must not forget that “Failure is the stepping Stone for Success”. Some of the most successful people today have faced immence failure and criticism during the begginig of their career and they faced all the odds to reach where they are today. So Never Ever Giveup on anything.


Some Tips for people who haven’t found a Job yet :

1. No matter how many times you fail, no matter what just Keep going on and trying. Never Give Up.

2. Learn from each and every failure and evry mistake you make.

3. Never repeat the same mistake .Thats cool if you do some new mistake ,but never repeat a mistake.

4. Take yourself seriously if others are not taking you.

5. Improve and Excel your Communication Skills.

6. Improve your personality and interact with as many people as you can.

7. Always be strong with your Basics, because everything/everyone comes down to basics.

8. Have a perfect plan and always follow your plan. Never follow others plan.

9. Have the courage to accept your mistake and also apologize for your mistake.

10. Never fake a thing during your interview. Because Honest guys/girls are always preferred.

11. Just Be Yourself.

12. The last and the Best one. “If you fail today there is always tomorow, Because Day comes after Night”.

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Thoughts on Working Abroad.

Hello Again friends,

I have heard from a lot of professionals saying that there were looking for the opportunities working abroad. Most of them were young and budding professionals just like you all. Who doesnt want to work abroad , you get a very handsome salary, High lifestyle etc. Hence I have thought to take a survey on this particular topic. And see what exactly people want from abroad jobs and are they really interested working abroad. ?

Friends Please do go through the below Survey and Answer the questions genuinely. It is regarding working Abroad and I am working on this topic now. This survey is for Fresher job seekers and also experienced once.

Please take sometime to finish the survey with your valuable information




Thanks a Lot for taking out your valuable time to complete the survey.

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Some Useful Sites to Learn for budding Coders

Hello Everybody. How have you all been. I know its a very long time since I have Posted some usefull Stuff in my Blog. Today I am going to Post names of few Websites that are verey very Good knowledge source for Developers/Programmers . If you are a budding programmer or a fresher who wants to learn and dive into the world of programming than just take a deep breath and visit the following Websites and explore them , learn and implement.

1. W3 Schools :-

2. Tizag :-

3. QuackIt :-

4. Tutorials Point :-

5. :-

For Video Tutorials

1. Codehen :-

Even Youtube is a better tutor :p

I know there are many Websites , but I just mentioned my Favourite one’s :p.

If you people think I missed any of the good sites, please comment the site url in the comment section so that our viewers wont miss them…


happy Coding 🙂

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